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- Chandrae (Chanzie) Roettig -

After an early career in advanced gymnastics, Chanzie got her start in contemporary dancing at Dance Vision in Portland, Oregon. It wasn’t long before she was granted a scholarship to The Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, and she ultimately graduated their professional program in 2006, specializing in Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Ballet and Theater Dance Styles, which clearly enables her to bring a sparkly energetic athleticism to her swing dancing.

Since her graduation from The Edge, Chanzie has worked with some of LA’s top choreographers in film, television, music and stage. Often times, Chanzie has served in the duel roles of dancer and co-choreographer. Recently, Chanzie completed work on a major motion picture entitled “Gangster Squad”, where she worked with her current dance partner Stephen Sayer.

In 2007, Chanzie found her “True Love” in the dance world: Swing Dancing. She is passionate about every vintage style under the umbrella of swing and preserving it’s history.

Winning many national swing dance titles, she along with Stephen Sayer have turned their focus to teaching. Starting 3 performance groups in 2012, together they are sure to bring back Smooth Style Lindy and Collegiate Shag in a big way! Known for her cheerful and playful attitude, Chanzie is a joy to watch, dance with and learn from.

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