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 Our teams

There's nothing like feeling part of a warm community and something bigger than yourself.


Joining our performance/competition teams gives everyone the opportunity to push self limits, improve their dance with hard work and mutual support, share great accomplishments and find good friends!

We are proud to have consistently performed as Top teams in L.A. for all these years, and have spread our philosophy all over the world.

LA Varsity Shag

World-nicknamed as Shag Father and Shag Mother, Steve and Chanzie select the best and fastest Collegiate Shag dancers every year to create a performance that pushes the bar and sets trends for the Collegiate Shag scene worldide.

LA Junior Varsity Shag

Don`t let the 'junior' on the title fool you. The JV team competes in the student division with high level routines, clean and impressive performance. No wonder they are champions.

LA Shagnettes

It was about time for a feminine expression of our beloved dance style Collegiate Shag! Chanzie and Karine gather charming and talented ladies of the community in delightful routines.

LA Jitterbug

Formerly named California Jubillee and L.A. Lindy, this team is now called L.A. Jitterbug. We've decided to combine all styles of swing dances into fun and exciting choreography that will make you feel like you are in a 1950’s movie scene. Our goal is to showcase the true Jitterbug spirit! 

LA Solo Team

Interesting, charismatic, passionate dancers giving a show of originality and expression. Mainly focusing in solo shag but not only, this team specially develops body awareness and self confidence in its members. You see music in each one of us.

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The exhilaration and camaraderie keeps me feeling happy and younger. Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed by my mid-60s age, the teamwork just annihilates my funk to a minuscule.

- Janet Leinen -

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