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I'm Dana! I cook simple, delicious recipes with three simple rules: I use only 1 bowl, up to 10 ingredients, and take just 30 minutes or less to prepare. Bon Appetit!

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What asymmetric postural habits do you have?

Hey, I want to comment on a habit to which most people don't pay attention. Do you usually cross your leg while sitting?

Have you noticed how many hours you spend in that position? Or if it's always the same leg?

You may also have the habit of sitting on one bent leg or other ways in which spine and pelvis are unbalanced?

The longer you adopt an asymmetrical position, the more you force your muscles, joints and tendons to adapt. It's a slight deviation habit that over time affect all your body. The preference for one leg usually already shows a twist.

You may notice different hip and neck range for each side; shoulders or pelvic tilt; back, neck, shoulders or knee numbness, tingling or pain; pinched nerves; headaches; sensation of uneven walk or standing, as if one leg was shorter; among others. Stress or cold surroundings make it worst, due to muscle rigidness.

As dancers, we don't want any limitations of movement. Our bodies work to compensate at every turn, literally. Look and feel good, I say!

Although imbalance may occur from different activities (like driving, or... swiveling!), pay attention to not adopt problematic postural habits if you spend a lot of time sitting, and to fix conditions as soon as they appear. The more you wait, the harder it gets to rehabilitate.

Spread your weight on both bones of the bum, keep a slight natural curve on your lower back. Take breaks and move around; perform some stretches and mobilize your spine from time to time to reset alignment.

Exercise and always in good posture, so your structure is strong and flexible to deal with everything you put it through.

Images credits: SPL

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